Adventures of an Original Fan During Beatlemania and Beyond
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Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Library + Archives
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Library + Archives
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Library + Archives
Brooklyn Museum front
At SiriusXM Studio in Manhattan
At entrance to Grammy Museum
At SiriusXM Studio in Manhattan
Friends of the Beverly Hills Public Library
At entrance to Grammy Museum
Friends of the Beverly Hills Public Library
At entrance to Grammy Museum


Entertainment Tonight
With Robb Weller at Barnes & Noble book signing
Speaking at Beverly Hills Rotary


UCLA Class with producers Walter Shenson and screenwriter Marc Behm photo by Jill Jarrett

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Telegram requesting help to promote release of A Hard Day's Night


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Background showing Debbie Gendler  giving a tour at the Grammy Museum.  Also, see video below for a clip of the panel presentation.

At the Grammy Museum LA

The Grammy Museum in Los Angeles hosted the traveling exhibit, "Ladies and Gentlemen ... The Beatles" that celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the appearance of The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show.  Click on the video below to see a few minutes of the panel in which Debbie participated during the exhibition.  


Adventures of an ORIGINAL FAN During BEATLEMANIA and Beyond

- By Debbie Gendler
- Foreword by Robb Weller

978-1-4930-7974-2 $32.95, Paperback / softback

Imprint: Backbeat Books
February 6, 2024
304 pages
Size: 6 x 9
Category: Biography & Autobiography (Music)
Includes: 67 Illustrations and Photos

On February 9, 1964, many teens across the country wanted to be Debbie Gendler. She was among 728 lucky fans who were seated in the live audience for the Beatles’ iconic performance on The Ed Sullivan Show—a television event experienced in the living rooms of 73 million Americans. I SAW THEM STANDING THERE: Adventures of an ORIGINAL FAN During BEATLEMANIA and Beyond (Backbeat Books; February 2024; $32.95) follows Debbie, a New Jersey teenager, who shares her struggles to get to the Sullivan show, describes the overwhelming emotion of being part of the screaming audience, and who eventually manages to accomplish what millions during the 60s only dreamed … meeting the Beatles!
At age 13 in early November 1963, Debbie met with their manager Brian Epstein regarding the establishment of a U.S. Fan Club and to assure him that the Beatles would be well received. That meeting proved to be her ticket to the Sullivan show. It was also the start of a lifetime of zany Beatles adventures with the group’s fan club, the Beatles’ families, and the major players who participated in their meteoric successes.
In I SAW THEM STANDING THERE, Debbie transports readers back to 1964, when the country was reeling from the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the music industry grappled with decline. Suddenly a glimmer of hope and revitalization appears with the arrival of four long-haired Liverpudlians with a striking sound and a whole new look. It was amidst this backdrop the Beatles made their legendary debut on The Ed Sullivan Show with Debbie shrieking in the audience.
Traditionalists across the country felt threatened by the Beatles and even Debbie received hate mail for her support of the group. But by the time the Beatles filled Shea Stadium with over 55,000 fans just 18 months after their first arrival in New York, America came to understand that they were no longer one hit wonders. Only two days before this celebrated stadium concert Debbie meets her idols!
As an invited guest to their 1965 press conference to “welcome the Beatles to America” at New York’s Warwick hotel Debbie grapples with aggressive DJ’s and the press to secure her place in front of the dais. She is pushed and prodded, but after the circus ends and the Beatles return to their suite, she is told to remain in the now emptied conference room to await her introduction. Then, a once in a lifetime opportunity presents itself: to grab their trash! She surreptitiously empties into her bag a half-full glass of water used by Paul McCartney, George’s linen napkin and Ringo’s cigarette pack and ashtray. Debbie arrives in the Beatles’ suite and as she looks into John Lennon’s eyes which are titled downward. “What’s this,” noticing a slow stream of water and cigarette ash dripping from her bag. Startled that she had been busted, “used items for my memorabilia collection,” replies Debbie meekly. Mockingly Lennon instructs Debbie to open the bag for inspection leaving the 15-year-old devastated. From that point on she was known as “rubbish girl.”
Representative Adventures:
● The mayhem outside the Plaza Hotel in 1964 as the Beatles settled into their suite
● Organizing a campout overnight on Broadway for the premier of A Hard Day’s Night
● The madcap action at Forest Hills Tennis Stadium when a McCartney look-alike arrives
● An impromptu visit to Abbey Road Studios when two Beatles stop by
● Sharing insights on the man who crafted the Beatles - manager Brian Epstein
● An overnight visit with George’s parents in Liverpool
● Coming full circle working for The Ed Sullivan Show
I SAW THEM STANDING THERE is a must read not just for Beatles aficionados. More than just a trip down memory lane, Gendler’s adventures in I SAW THEM STANDING THERE are a testament to the power of formative experiences and the serendipitous events that provided her a front row seat to music history.

I SAW THEM STANDING THERE has already received Advanced praise:
“In this heartfelt, personal and engaging memoir, Debbie Gendler has perfectly captured the fun, the passion, the insanity and all of the raging hormones surrounding 1960s Beatlemania. Having lived through it myself, it was a thoroughly enjoyable—and accurate—trip back in time.”
--Bob Gale, co-writer, I Wanna Hold Your Hand and Back to the Future

The Author:
Debbie Gendler is a four-time Emmy® nominated television executive and producer who worked at CBS and ABC. She also served as Women in Film’s first Los Angeles-based Executive Director and was VP of Development for Weller/Grossman Productions the foremost producers of cable programming at its earliest stages. As an “original” Beatle fan who was in the studio audience for the group’s first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, she has given countless interviews to television, documentaries, radio, print and podcasts. A magna cum laude graduate of Boston University’s College of Communication Debbie currently works as a co-producer at SOFA Entertainment, owner of The Ed Sullivan Show. 


"It may be impossible to determine a Patient Zero for the American strain of Beatlemania, but you could make a compelling case for Gendler. The author and superfan spoke ... about witnessing the moment America fell in love with the Beatles..."  Jordan Runtagh, People, February 9, 2024

One of the earliest American fans of the Beatles, Gendler was a New Jersey teenager who not only attended most of their major concerts in the New York area—including their Ed Sullivan Show debut—but also became a public face of the Beatles' American fan club. ... Her brief, anecdotal chapters and their personal tone make this far more touching than most other Beatles histories, and a story like hers will simply not happen again.  Peter Thornell,
Library Journals, LLC (January 19, 2024)

The breathless debut memoir from TV executive Gendler recounts how she caught the Beatles bug in 1963 and, 60 years later, remains .... this chatty and effusive account has its moments. Publisher's Weekly (February 2024)

"This book is an incredible story of a teenage girl who had a dream to meet her favourite band, whom she championed early on.... Debbie Gendler is an amazing storyteller and I found the book so captivating and I couldn’t put it down, I wanted to keep reading! I love all the photographs in the book. What a journey! ... Book Review: I Saw Them Standing There by Debbie Gendler, review by Angie Moon, The Diversity of Classic Rock, February 7, 2024.

Review on Amazon.com:
Susan D.
5.0 out of 5 stars Extraordinary Front row perspective
Reviewed in the United States on February 12, 2024
Debbie Gendler has incredible stories to share. Her Beatles journey led to experiences that every fan could only dream about; ... representing the band for Beatles (USA) Ltd, developing a bond with Louise and Harold Harrison, Brian Epstein, Wendy Hanson and yes, meeting the Beatles.
Her genius is in her unique and personal writing style. She draws the reader in and captures the essence of a time and place that is unparalleled. ... and as a reader, I am richer for being a passenger on this remarkable ride.

"... Debbie Gendler’s I Saw Them Standing There: Adventures of an Original Fan During Beatlemania and Beyond (Backbeat Books) is a terrific insider’s look at those heady early days.  ...  An excellent memoir about a lifelong love affair that any Beatles fan can relate to."  Goldmine Magazine, Winter 2024

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